R.E.A.D Book Club Event: Random Acts of Reading

By: Victoria Hershman

(edited by Megan Jenkins)

Flyer provided by AMU/APU R.E.A.D Book Club

There are few who are not forever marked by the events of “that” day, now eighteen years ago. If you ask anyone over the age of 25 where they were when the towers fell, a sheen will come over their eyes, memories taking hold, as they begin to tell the horrifying story.

Americans are resilient, so there is not much that can take us down from outside of our own borders. The 9/11 attacks, while intending to tear us apart, brought America together, bonding us in the shared feelings of agony, defeat, anger, and eventual rebuilding. It seems fitting that this time of year has a designated day for service, National Day of Service. National Day of Service is a day for Americans to not just remember the tragedy, but to give back because in giving we fight against the very beliefs that brought us down, and continue to tear us down today.

The R.E.A.D. Book Club instituted a service project to celebrate the National Day of Service that the Alpha Chi Tau chapter of Sigma Tau Delta readily banded behind. This year’s service is “Random Acts of Reading”. Similar to the popular random acts of kindness project, Random Acts of Reading encourages students at AMU/APUS to drop a book in a random location, such as a park bench, beach, subway station, with a note inside telling the new reader about the book they’ve just picked up.

The goal is to spread literacy across America in an intriguing and mysterious way, while helping communities through random acts of kindness.

Members of Alpha Chi Tau generously placed their books across America, taking pictures to document and spread the experience of kindness and service.

Thank you to all who participated!


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