Article Submissions

Query Crash Course:

A query letter is an email that is the equivalent to the “elevator pitch”. It’s no longer than a page, explaining your article idea and why you’re qualified to write about your topic. The query letter gives specifics on the article (ex: estimated word count, title of article, brief abstract of article), as well as provides the editor a bit of info about you (your qualifications, experience, article examples, etc.)

Query letters typically contain:

  • hook: first paragraph* (catch the editors’ attention)
  • pitch: second paragraph (explain what your article offers)
  • body: two to three paragraphs (the details (ex: sub-headers, examples, etc.)
  • credentials: second to last paragraph about YOU (why are you qualified to write this?)
  • conclusion: last paragraph (typically a call-to-action, contact info, etc.)

*paragraphs in query letters are not typically essay length (5-6 sentences), they are usually 3-5 sentences)

Resources for more info.

  • DIY MFA’s Guest Article Submission Guideline: here
  • Freelance Writing’s How to Write a Successful Query : here
  • Freelance Writing’s How to Prepare Email Queries: here

Article Guidelines:

  • no more than 900 words (typically 500-750 words). please include range or word count in query letter.
  • format as 12′ Times New Roman in double-spaced essay format on a Microsoft Word Doc or Google Doc.
  • title is centered at the top of the page.
  • free of grammatical & typographical errors.
  • include any images (original or free-use images only!) with the article if applicable.

***Please note that articles are subjected to editing and altering by the editorial team. By sending the article you are consenting to editing and altering by the editorial team. For more info or questions, please email through provided e-mail on contact page.***

Article Submission Instructions:

Step #I: Query Letter

E-mail your query letter to . DO NOT SEND ARTICLE! The team will e-mail back if your query is accepted.

  • Query letter

Step #II: Submit Article

If your article is accepted, submit your article as a Microsoft Word (docx.) attachment or Google Doc. Please bear in mind that this article should be grammar free, proofread, and professionally presentable.

Along with your article, send a portrait photo of yourself (attachment) and a 2-3 sentence bio in the e-mail (can be your occupation, your year as student, where you live, etc.) You can add links or information to your website or social media platforms if you wish so we can put the info in the article if readers want to follow.

  • article
  • portrait + mini bio
  • social media links + website (optional or if applicable)

Step #III: Revisions and/or Publications

Once receiving your article, the team will review your piece and send feedback or revisions back IF need be. If all the information is received and the article is ready, it will be accepted for posting.

Things to Keep in Mind:

The team will send you a clear deadline for the article if they accept your query. Depending when the article gets final approval and the editorial calendar, the article could be published within a couple days to a couple weeks. The editorial team will e-mail you the exact date once it is finalized.

LEGAL INFO: Alpha Chi Tau blog does not accept previously published pieces. The exception to this is classroom assignments. Pieces must be original and any direct quotes or information from other articles should be properly referenced. Alpha Chi Tau does not pay for submissions and articles.

Images must be approved for commercial use and/or is original. Images taken from Google DO NOT count as free for commercial use.

*not professional legal advice or disclaimer. self-proclaimed disclaimer.